LOL - Patch 11.18: The two changes scheduled by Riot to recover forgotten champions

League of Legends It is routed to one of the most interesting patches in a long time. Although Riot Games has confirmed that he does not want to carry out too aggressive adjustments to avoid unfortunate the champions in the absence of such short time for the beginning of the Worlds 2021, from the developer they have put new features to some characters that give him The just improvements to be viable on the professional scene. A modification that we have already seen in Draven and that are now testing in two additional heroes.

Qiyana and Singed, the two great goals of Riot

Considering the PBE, we can perceive the introduction of two new changes dedicated to the introduction of a pair of champions in the competitive environment. The chosen ones have been qiyana and singed , characters who have not had great opportunities over the latest seasons and were very interesting when they had the opportunity to stand out.

The programmed settings are as follows:

Although they are not too highlighted modifications, they may be sufficient to save the two characters by bringing them some additional utility. The goal of Riot Games is to adjust the Just League of Legends as to * to fulfill its objectives without reaching 'romper' to the characters in question **. A whole new strategy that the company has prepared to finalize details along the next two patches, trying to leave it ready for when starting the world championship.


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